Music Monday – U2 and Soul Asylum

Yes, I know I haven’t done a musical interlude in a while (and technically it’s already Tuesday morning). What can I say? I’ve been busy. Two books, one in editing, one being drafted, two kids, two dogs, one husband, a dead bunny rabbit… life is hectic.

Anyway, a musical break. Two bands, two very old songs. Both of these are on my writing playlist, although I sometimes skip the U2 one, because the ‘mood’ isn’t always quite right for it.

Soul Asylum – Runaway Train. One of those songs you listen to with your heart, not your ears.


U2 – Numb – Just a song I like for no particular reason.

Music Monday – The Parlotones

This song, because life has been too fucking awful lately. Let’s escape reality and “fly to the moon”. Have a little fantasy, get lost in a daydream, and for just a while forget about life’s challenges.

Fly to the moon

Music Monday – Mumford and Sons

Today’s ear worm comes to you courtesy of Mumford and Sons. It’s a pity they didn’t make more of a go of things. They were just starting to gain real attention and traction in the music world, when they decided, “Well this is it, we’re done.” I guess they had their reasons, but it was still sad to see them go.

Thistles and Weeds

Music Monday – Matthew Mayfield

When it comes to music a good melody is important, it’s often what hooks me, but what keeps me coming back is a good, strong voice and the lyrics. I can forgive a mediocre melody if the lyrics speak to me in some way, and I can forgive weak lyrics and weak melody if the voice is exceptional, but none of those things will keep me coming back for more – the only thing that will keep me interested for more than 5 minutes is the lyrics.

Today’s earworm is Better by Matthew Mayfield. Not only does he have a voice that just drags you along, whether you want to go or not, but the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy