Remember When Sunday – The things men do

Okay, okay I know it’s early Monday morning, not quite Sunday anymore (on this side of the world at any rate).

So where to begin with today’s little trip down memory lane? Since #YesAllWomen is still trending on Twitter this week, let me take you back to my very first gynecological exam.

I have had ‘woman troubles’ all my life, but as I grew older, these problems became worrisome and much more severe.

I was twenty, suffering from severe anemia (frequent blood loss will do that to ya) and always, always in pain. Back then, our insurance insisted that we had to get a referral from a GP first, and off I went to see my regular family practice doctor, who decided I needed to see XYZ gynecologist that very day. I didn’t get to have a choice in the matter, since this was the only specialist my GP would recommend. Continue reading